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What is drying?

During drying, the product releases moisture to the air. This drying process, with sufficient drying air, continues until a (near) balance between the moisture (water molecules) in the air and moisture (water molecules) in the product is reached. Then the moisture between the cloves is also eliminated.

When starting to cool before the product has released enough moisture (no equilibrium moisture percentage has yet been reached), the moisture of the product will still be freed at lower temperatures. It can then be very difficult to dispose of enough moisture with cold air. In this case conditioned drying can be a solution about which later more. Otherwise, it may be necessary to dry again temporarily with warm air. This can then affect germ rest (inhibition of germination) and can cause other problems.

Empty crates ready to be filled 

Weight loss

Because the product is often sold in weight, too much weight loss costs money. However, too little moisture loss costs money too because the product has a lower quality, is not visually attractive and often has diseases and damages.
Experience shows how much moisture needs to be drained.

This is on an average:

7 days on average about 3- 4% weight loss per day
14 days on average about 1% per day
The drying process ends after about

The drying process

The change of disease increases considerably above 22-23°C (71,6- 73,4°F). Experience among growers in France has proved that it is better to dry between 18°C (64,4°F) and 20°C (68.0℉) or even at 15°C (59,0°F) . This is to really prevent the development of fusarium (between 20° and 25°C (68.0℉ – 77.0℉)).

At the beginning the warmer product is cooled, resulting in immediate release of a lot of moisture; the RMC can increase up to 95%. The RMC will decline parabolically to 55-60%.

When the air condition is stable at 18°C (64,4°F) at 55%, the product is dried sufficiently. After that, the temperature of the product goes down as quickly as possible to -/-2°C (35,6°F) (experience of growers).