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Processing machines

After drying or after saving, the garlic is further cleaned, sorted and packed.

The boxes are placed in the inverter and are tilted. The empty box tilts back and comes on to the roller track.
The empty box goes to the side, so that the inverter can be filled directly with a box again. In the dosing bunker, the end of the dosing band makes a short vibrating motion that optimally sets the product.

Box inverter with empty-turn system and built dosing bunker
Example of a setup in which an empty box is automatically removed to the side. The inverter is immediately free for another full box.
Fill band with tilt machine to fill boxes continuously without damage
The filling band brings the garlic into the box with a minimum drop height. The box automatically lowers while it is being filled.
Loose tilting machines can be placed with each machine where the garlic is collected in crates; boxes automatically drop when filling.
Even when processing the garlic, the high quality of the beautiful product should not be lost due to damage. In addition, the machines in combination with the boxes should make it as easy as possible for you. Good logistics with easy access and disposal makes it possible to process a large volume with minimal labour costs. Agratechniek BV can offer you even more solutions.