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The ABC HVAC processor.

The ABC HVAC switchboard controls all of the drying process. It consists of one or more processors and the ABC-HVAC software (available in the language of your choice). With this the professional grower can operate all devices and automating the whole drying process from any place in the world.

Of course it is possible to manually operate the entire drying installation;
  • fans with a switch manually start and stop or set the capacity with a dial.
  • also manually (whether or not with an engine) open and close again.
  • With a digital thermostat, the temperature can of course be set and reached excellently.
  • The RV can also be measured to continuously determine the incoming and hatching AV together with the T and then determine whether there is enough to dry.
  • Of course, we can also just turn on the fan, heat it and see what happens.
In the present time of increasing (international) competition, high quality is very important and scaling up is often necessary.
Fully automated garlic drying and storage by Agratechniek Netherlands
Scaling up requires plenty of attention from entrepreneurs in a lot of places at the same time and that time is usually not there.
  • The quality of the product on land should not be reversed or even lost due to lack of attention.
  • Professional support by a drying processor is desired or often necessary
  • In the Netherlands, the increase in the agricultural sector with quality improvement without professional automated (dry) installations would hardly have been possible. Especially if we want labor costs under control.
In addition, we have already been able to learn that with the (automatic) lowering of the fan capacity money can be saved. By always sucking up drying air, not only money is saved, but also better guaranteed the quality of the product.

In this slider we show some randomly picked images of our ABC Garlic processor. We can translate the ABC processor to any language you want