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Air distribution system


Build up of an air distribution system:


  1. All boxes have the same dimensions. 
  2. Boxes stacked on top of each other –> 2-3-4-5-(6) high
  3. The first pile of boxes is placed against the drier construction, subsequently the next pilf of garlic boxes is placed in front of each other. You can store up to 10 stacks easily.
  4. Boxes in rows side by side –> depending on the desired capacity and available space
  5. Fan are mounted on top of the drier construction to suck in indoor or outdoor air or mixed air
Garlic Drying plant
Air distribution system in a Drying garlic plants
Transparent view of a garlic drying air distribution system

Box with double bottom; Underneath closed with plywood plate.

BOpening for air: Plank (right) thicker than plate (left).

The difference between the 9mm plate and the hardwood under shelves give a opening between the layers of the chest where the air per layer can escape

The air distribution system blows dry air in every box layer to the products.

Air is optimally distributed between the layers in the air distribution system by an oblique extra air-distribution